I found purpose

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Alpha provides an opportunity to freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. Many of us would describe ourselves as being at the beginning of a spiritual quest or journey, and Alpha is a chance to dig into the big questions about life, God, faith, the Bible etc.

Starting in January in 4 locations.

Teach Us To Pray

Jesus taught his disciples to pray by giving them the perfect example, something we often call the Lord’s Prayer. During this series we’ll break down this famous prayer to discover the rich truths, timelessness, and life-changing power of each phrase.

Join us for our Sunday services and participate in the journey though journaling your thoughts, insights and prayers in the prayer journal.

About Us

We know that a lot of people are disillusioned with and disinterested in church. We’ve been there too. But we also believe that the church is intended to be the vehicle that God uses to help us experience His love and impact the world. We believe that God loves us all - no matter what - and is longing for us all to know and experience who He really is - Real. Powerful. Good.